Convore is an universal inbox API for conversational email experience. With Convore, you can easily

  1. Enhance your product with convenient email interactions. Examples: Forwarding a receipt to receipts@brex.com or Craiglist’s anonymous email relay.
  2. Connect customer’s email accounts to build powerful CRM features. Example: Connecting a Gmail account and send emails within Hubspot.
  3. Build Copilots and AI agents that process, automate and respond to email communications. Example: Agents to extract order details for trucking industries.

Get started


  1. Both send and receive emails via API.
  2. Use LLMs to process and react to emails.
  3. Retrieve threaded emails for full context.
  4. Deal with clean message body, parsed replies and downloadable attachments.
  5. High-level constructs such as Drafts and Labels for complex orchestration.


Before you start, it is recommended to check out our Concepts page and get your API key.

Here are some tutorials to help you start quickly

  1. Get a headless inbox @convoremail.com
  2. Connect a user’s email account
  3. Use your own domains
  4. Send, receive and reply to messages
  5. Build copilots or LLM agents

If you need more help or have feedback, we are here at support@convore.dev